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What is Yoga?

  • Yoga is a practice that connects the mind, body and breath through movement. Each movement is called an asana pose.  And each asana pose has a different health benefit and purpose.

Do I have to be flexible to do yoga?

  • No, anybody can do yoga.  Every pose can be modified to meet your ability level.  And, if you practice asana poses routinely, they will help you become more flexible!

What do I need to begin?

  • Yoga can be done anywhere.  You do not need equipment.  Some clients prefer mats, while others do not.  Some clients prefer practicing asana poses on the floor, while others enjoy practicing from a chair.  All you need is the willingness to learn. 

Do you have any helpful tips?

  • Yes, some clients prefer soft relaxing music.  They feel it helps them to relax.  Others like peace and quiet so they can reflect and concentrate on their breath.  It is recommended to experience both so you can truly understand what works best for you.  In addition, some clients enjoy using props like a blanket, bolster, strap or block for additional support while others like to let their breath guide them into the next flexible level of the pose.  Again, it is recommended to honor your body and experience both ways so you can truly identify which helps you the most.   


What are some benefits of practicing yoga?

  • There can be many benefits to yoga.  Among the list of benefits, clients have shared that they feel stronger, are able to regain their balance, they are better able to calm their mind at night and yes some have shared that they lost weight and became more flexible.  I truly believe that yoga is powerful.  But, the true question is what do you want yoga to do for you?  

Do you work with all levels?

  • Yes, I do work with all levels.  I find most of my clients are beginners, runners/climbers, seniors. those in transition or recovery and those who hold stressful jobs.  My practice is gentle yet challenging and geared towards how clients answer the question:  what do you want yoga to do for you?

Do you travel to me for private 1:1 and group sessions?

  • YogaSoul.Online can travel to you or you can come to the studio.  $10 will be added to the price for commute times between 15-30 minutes.  $20 is added to the price for commute times over 30 minutes.  

Does YogaSoul.Online have a certified yoga teacher offering yoga services?

  • Yes, Christina is a certified yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance since 2008. 

Will YogaSoul.Online accommodate themed groups?

  • Yes, YogaSoul.Online's group offerings include wedding parties, golf outings, family gatherings, women's retreats, family vacations and more.

Will YogaSoul.Online accommodate both youth and adults?

  • Yes, Christina is a trained teacher certified and registered with the yoga alliance to teach both youth and adults.  

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