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10 Science Backed Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Fall is here and winter is coming which means immune systems need nurturing! The immune system is a network of organs, white blood cells, antibodies and chemicals. This network works together to protect us from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can cause infection, illness and disease. Although a complex system, the immune system has two main parts:

☝️The innate system, which you are born with.

✌️The adaptive system, which you develop when your body is exposed to microbes or chemicals released by microbes.

The main job of your immune system is to keep germs out of your body, destroy them or limit the extent of their harm if they should get in. After you have been exposed to a germ(s), your immune system will learn about it and develop antibodies to protect you from future exposure.

The immune system is designed to be strong and can fight off a variety of illnesses and infections. However, it can sometimes overreact, which causes a wide array of outcomes.

The delicate balance of health can be controlled by the variety of inputs. Lifestyle choices can greatly influence your immune system. And, since your natural defense is your best defense let’s get into some everyday lifestyle habits you can focus on to help nurture your immune system.

Here are the top ten science-backed ways to naturally help your immune system to function at its optimal level:

1. Avoid smoking cigarettes, vaping or using other dangerous substances

2. Exercise regularly

3. Get enough sleep

4. Manage your stress level

5. Wash your hands regularly

6. Avoid alcohol or at least use it in moderation

7. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. Basically, get your vitamins and nutrients!

8. Stay hydrated

9. Understand your personal system

10. Consider environmental toxins like air quality, cleanliness, water quality, lead levels, ventilation systems, etc.

As the seasons change, it is always recommended to decompress, tune in with yourself and reach out for help when you need to. While you may not be able to completely avoid getting sick, supporting your natural immune system is the best approach to preventing illness and staying healthy.


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