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8 Tips To Stay Motivated!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Need help overcoming obstacles?

Motivation can be a tricky beast. But, if you’re like me you thank God when you pound through those feelings of “I don’t want to” or “I can’t “to get to that natural high of “I DID IT!”

The reward is simply seeing your own transformation and knowing you kicked ass to get there. 🏅

Not everyone shows up, works hard and sticks to the plan. What plan? YOUR PLAN. Your goal. Your inner voice who knows what you want and honestly, who knows you can have it. You just need to STAY MOTIVATED! 🏃‍

It’s easier to quit, BUT it’s so worth it to finish! 💯

Here are a few tips that can help you stay the course and achieve YOUR goal:

No matter how much you feel like giving up:

✔️FOCUS your energy. We can all feel like a ping pong ball sometimes. But one step at a time.

✔️Break down large goals into SMALL STEPS. We all want that giant leap forward, but often times it’s small steps that have giant rewards. Set your goal. Then, create daily goals you can achieve to reach that bigger goal.

✔️MANAGE your expectations. WHAT can you achieve in one day? You will find yourself way more successful with sustainable growth by setting a daily schedule you can complete.

✔️Surround yourself with SUPPORTIVE people. You do not need to hear all the negative thoughts of others - seek out those who can offer you encouragement and solutions. No one needs an earshot of negativity.

✔️ASK for help — and offer it. This is continuous. Be coachable. Be open to listen. And, be open to help others following in your footsteps.

✔️Practice GRATITUDE. Make a list if you need to or use your fingers to count five things you are grateful for. EVERYDAY!

✔️SCHEDULE - Get on one the best you can. Not every day is going to be perfect. You will have those cluster days but show up! You’re worth it!


Find your WHY. - Create your HOW.

You can do it! 💯


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