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Aligning With Nature

Nature is one of our greatest teachers.  Nature provides us with experiences every second of every moment.  And although we often look at nature as being a separate entity, nature is truly a combination of elements and organs, thus creating the essence of who we are as humans.  Our organs include our intellect, mind, senses and body, which in fact is a composition of elements formulating "our true self."

How often do we think, "when this happens, I'll be happy" or "when this happens, everything will fall into place"?  More often than not, right? 

Now, the golden truth is that happiness is found within.  It does not exist in the external world.  When we assign our happiness to external variables, we create an environment of uncertainty which continuous draws upon our energy, depleting us to the point that we experience boredom, exhaustion, worry, doubt and fear.  We then crave more and more so we can fill this gap created by our external search of happiness.  

But, let's be honest, there's a twist.  Because the secret about internal happiness is that it's not consistent either.  Nothing in nature can bring continuous, unchanging happiness because the mind in itself is constantly changing.  Nature is a constant flow of change.  Internal happiness is dependent upon learning how to release and let go.

Every moment of everyday we take in change, which in turn changes our internal state.  Patanjali explains this as flowing water.  If we allow the water to flow, we create a pleasant environment.  If we try to stop the flow of water, then water will spill over to another portion causing an imbalance.  

Life is an experience of change that comes with ups and downs. When we resist or hold onto moments without letting life flow, we create unnecessary tension which spills over into other areas of our life. 

Ask yourself, are there any past experiences, emotions or thoughts you hold onto that are in need of releasing?

Nature is our greatest teacher.  She never clings.  Instead, she liberates. 

If we accept change, nature grants us wings to fly.  If we choose to resist and hold onto the past, then we remain in a cocoon, letting life pass us by instead of enjoying the ride.


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