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Discover How A Warm Beverage Can Go A Long Way

There is nothing like warming your hands or soothing your throat with a warm beverage. Whether it’s chai, lemon tea, hot chocolate, coffee or even warm milk. It just soothes the soul and…. your body!

Of course you do need to be mindful of caffeine levels and yes… drinking fluids at any temperature can support overall wellbeing, BUT… studies show that drinking hot beverages can provide a range of additional health benefits.

Here are a few discoveries researchers have found on how hot beverages can benefit us:

1. They improve digestion by helping to break down food faster than drinking a cold beverage.

2. They increase circulation by improving your blood flow, which ultimately helps your muscles to relax.

3. They reduce a wide range of pain experienced in the body.

4. They support the immune system by alleviating sinus pressure caused by colds and allergies.

5. They help a person manage emotional wellness by improving moods and lowering anxiety. Detailed studies show that hot beverages even encouraged feelings of compassion and trust in people!

6. They detox the body by flushing out toxins from the kidneys and fat deposits from the intestines.

7. They repair skin cells, increase elasticity and they can even promote healthier hair by increasing circulation, removing toxins and adding moisture to the body.

🫖 A little warmth can go a long way! So, pinpoint your favorite warm beverage this week and get to drinking!


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