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6 Tips On How To Overcome A Fear Of Change

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

How are you with life changes? Maybe it’s finding a new job, a new group of friends, signing up for a weight loss program, buying a house, going back to school or maybe you want to clean up and become sober…

Whatever your wanted change is, the question is - Are you going to do it? If you hesitated or started your reply with “ah” or “maybe “or “well” then keep reading! ⤵️

I recently heard someone say “no matter how scared you are, do it anyway.” Why was she saying this? Because change drives us forward, we develop personally, we move past the stagnant barrier into breathable space. We cannot succeed or get what we want without propelling forward.

So, what holds you back from losing weight, earning more money, going back to school, traveling, creating that life you really deserve and desire?

It is said that four things that hold us back from change:

1. Fear

2. Labels

3. What if’s

4. Lack of focus or vision

Now, the truth is - it boils down to one 👉 FEAR.

But, let’s be honest, your life will not improve unless you overcome your fear and embrace your challenge of change.

Here’s some tips on how:

1. Identify your vision and be specific. What is your goal?

2. Identify your support system. Who supports your change? Surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Create space for transformation.

3. Identify your thoughts and feelings. Eliminate self-doubt. You are here to live your best life. The universe will give you everything you need to succeed. Know you can and you’re halfway there.

4. Welcome your change. Create a list of your successful moments while transitioning into your new journey. Bring awareness to the shift.

5. Don’t give up. Even if you stumble and feel like you are sliding backwards, look around for someone in your support network to help. Keep going. Keep showing up. Create a list of things that are going right. It will shift your mindset.

6. Know your why! What do you want and why?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Create the life you want!


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