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How To Enjoy Calm

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

"Be Still" or "Bestill" depending upon how you like to spell it is a famous phrase repeated so many times in yoga, painted on walls, loved by many and dreaded by some. When we sit in the warmth of the yoga room with these words stenciled on the wall, we often assume that the warmth is felt by everyone. Yet so many people see those two words and tense up. They hold their breath. They feel as if they did something wrong. It's stressful.

To "be still" requires trust. You must be willing to trust the unknown that everything will be ok. You no longer need to fight. You can let go and it is safe to let go. This is not so easy, especially if you have experienced a lot of pain and loss. So, how can you make the journey back to wholeness easier? Here are some ideas that you can explore to create a personalized practice of stillness.

1. Breathe slow. Feel the cool air rise into your nose upon the inhalation and the warm air exit your nose upon the exhalation.

2. Count. Mentally count your inhalations to a count of 4 or 5. And, mentally county your exhalations to a count of 5,6 or 7. Try to exhale longer than your inhale.

3. Find a location. If you can find a location that you like, where you feel safe, it will naturally calm your nervous system. Visit it every day if you can.

4. Listen. Sounds are a great way to release energy. Hear the sounds of nature, the fan, relaxing music and so on. Be mindful the music you choose is calming, relaxing and peaceful.

5. Create a mantra. Mantras can sound so intimidating, but they are pleasant phrases that you can use to repeat over and over in your mind. Choose an I AM statement, a word, a phrase, anything you find calming and focus your mind upon that one thing for a moment. Team your phrase to a pleasant rhythm and take a few moments to calm and relax.

When you are ready to release from your practice, begin by feeling the surface underneath you. The chair, the floor, the earth, etc. Then begin to notice the gravity of your palms upon your thighs, your knees, your heart, your abdomen. And as you bring awareness to the healthy progress that you have made, inhale and exhale one more time. It is always recommended to rise from your practice at your own pace.

May you all feel the warmth and love of calmness, even if it is just for a moment.


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