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How can I still my mind during meditation?

When we invite our mind and body into stillness, we allow feelings of safety to arise. But those who have a history of emotional heartache or trauma may find feelings of safety unfamiliar and unsettling. Many trauma survivors get used to living life waiting for the other shoe to drop, hustling for the next best thing, or not truly understanding their value so when trying to hold space for stillness, a feeling of restlessness arises instead of calm.

Although it may feel impossible to guide the mind to a state of stillness, it is achievable with a little gentle kindness and support. Within the inner workings of thoughts and emotions lies a seed of awareness. What are you choosing to focus your mind on? If you answer, that's the problem I can't focus, think again. Because there is a seed buried in the layers that roots the fuel of a distracted mind. The next question is what are you afraid of? What is the underlying fear?

To fully embrace a quiet mind, we must be strong in heart so we can let go of what no longer exists or serves us.

“Trust the silence" is a common phrase often heard in recovery groups. It's such a powerful phrase because it truly helps survivors to identify the complexities that exist within the mind as they are inviting their bodies to relax. Each time we challenge our past, our thoughts, and our unwanted emotions, we create healing space for stillness. The seed that once sprouted restlessness will soon grow into peace and calm. Learning to trust the good in our lives is not easy, especially when simultaneously learning how to build a health and wellness foundation free from unhealthy situations and habits that once created a false sense of security. So, the next time you find yourself nervous and your mind unsettled, do your best to draw upon your inner strength and courage and ask yourself what is my true focus and why am I fearful? Allow space for growth as you look deeper to discover your whole practice, on and off the mat.


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