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Love Who You Are, You’re Worth It

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Recovery is different for everyone.

A common misconception about recovery is that it's the same for everyone and that isn’t true because we all have different personalities, mindsets, behaviors, health conditions, desires, upbringings, experiences, social support networks and so on.

So, why would we expect that the approach we use to help someone recover from trauma be the same?

As Certified Life Coaches, Mental Healthcare Providers and Registered Yoga Teachers and Trainers, one of our core practices is to acknowledge that it’s important to meet people at their level.

This requires taking time to learn and understand how the population you're servicing stands apart from others.

What is their voice, they’re unique difference that requires a genuine and mindful approach?

So, if you’re looking to facilitate yoga for emotional & sexual trauma recovery or if you're interested in teaching First Responders, I invite you to join me for online training.

Discover how you can meet your students or clients where they are, hear their voices and truly honor them by learning more about what makes their recovery process unique and how you can accommodate to their needs.

Explore how to create the best supportive environment, unfold gentle approaches, guide students through strong emotions, promote breath and body awareness, while focusing in on controlled regulation using appropriate poses, language, cues, teaching methodologies and more.

All approaches presented throughout training are proven to be the most effective when working with these specific populations.

Trainings are online, self-paced, and available with free 1:1 interactive coaching. Certifications and Yoga Alliance credit awarded upon completion.


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