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The Key To Healthy Manifestation

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

The practice of accepting where are and where you want to be can be frustrating. When we feel like we should be doing or we should have already accomplished this or that, it can feel overwhelming. It can challenge us all to some extent because it is not a comfortable place to be in, to sit with or to embrace and accept. Sometimes the most humble act of authenticity is knowing and maybe even saying - this is where I am, I would love to pretend I am at my accomplished goal level, but I am not. In fact, I feel like I am closer to the starting line. From there, allow the kindness of the universe to help. BUT, the trick of letting the universe help you, is to set clear guidance otherwise, everything will come your way. For instance, this week I revisited a project of mine and decided I wanted to change something on it. I kept thinking - as if it were my mantra - "I need to fix this." But, what actually happened to me is that all this stuff came my way. All these issues were brought to my attention of items that needed to be fixed. I found myself running around in no clear direction just trying to "fix" everything, whether it was my project or someone else who asked me for help.

So, for the sake of sanity, if this resonates with you, here are some tips for offering clear self talk for healthy manifestation and attraction:

1. Identify what you truly want and write it down. Be specific. For instance, if you write down - I want a car. Answer, what kind of car? The universe could provide you with a car that has rust on the door, a bad transmission, a dented bumper, etc. Be as specific as possible.

2. Observe your "I need" "I should" I have to" self talk. Notice your thoughts before it becomes way to overwhelming to manage.

3. Bring awareness to your environment. Look for signs. Are you receiving what you want or more of what you do not want. Bring awareness to your surroundings and the events around you.

Whether you ask the universe for what you want through prayer, meditation, vision boards, visualization or any other method you use, be mindful that you are being clear. The clearer, the better. I hope you all will continue to work towards your goals and trust the process. Just know, we were not brought this far to fail.


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