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The Power Of Illusion

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Illusion is a vehicle in which we all use. Illusion allows us to perceive what we need, want and believe in order to move forward. It creates a living picture from which we can hold as truth so we can grow into wholeness. The illusion we each hold is powerful. It has power over our wants, our desires, our impulses, our behavior, and even our values. In addition, fear, anger, rage, hatred and greed all stem from illusion.

It is widely believed that when compassion opens the hearts of people, love leads and becomes more powerful than anything, even illusion. Yet, others say even love is an illusion and describe it as illusively magical.

The truth is, if we hear or experience the same thing over and over and repeat it again and again, it is believed as truth. Neuroscientists often research this powerful illusion of control and many in this field believe that everything experienced is a mere figment of imagination often times created visually for the brain to form a story. Visual illusions are defined by the dissociation between the physical reality and the subjective perception of an object or event. We may see something that is not there or we may not see something that is there, allowing our brain to create a story that falls somewhere in-between perception and reality.

We will each use our individual sensory factors to create the illusion that is perceived to be true per our story. Our brains will bend reality to meet our experiences, our emotions, our discomfort, our uncertainty, our wants, our desires, and so on and so forth. There is no such thing as absolute reality. There is objective knowledge, the scientific approach to research, which test their individual illusion or " best guessed theory." There is personal experience or the perceived knowledge created by our own interior world, which is not reachable through objective knowledge. And, there is rational overview, which combines science and experience. All of which are mirrored reflections of illusion. So, when creating your illusion of truth, it is always recommended to follow these golden rules:

1. Stay present. The past is the past and the future is not here. Focus on the present;

2. Avoid criticizing, blaming, and/or comparing your "truth" to others;

3. Bring your energy into your own thoughts and behavior - not trying to change other people's thoughts. What do YOU think? What do YOU want? How do YOU want to be?;

4. Avoid relying on excuses;

5. Create YOUR plan and live YOUR life;

We all recognize five basic human needs: survival, love, power, freedom and fun. Distinguish these in your mind. Know yourself deeply. What is a legitimate need for YOU? Identify them. From there, choose how you want to be and how you want to live.

Remember, non-authentic needs belong to the ego; authentic needs belong to the soul.


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