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The Power Of Santosha!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Being content frees our mind from conflict and offers us a sense of internal peace, which extends outward.

In yoga, Santosha is the second niyama (virtue) described in Patajali's Yoga Sutra. It is the yogic term we use for contentment. It is the gateway to joy. When we find ourselves in balance with Santosha, we are no longer searching for happiness. We've accepted and are satisfied. We do not crave for more. We are happy with what is. In turn, this calms the mind and creates a state of inner peace and stillness. Many yogis refer to Santosha as the highest heaven because the soul is naturally gratified. So, how can we reach this level?

Here are 8 tips:

1. Do what you love in life. Follow your heart.

2. Express gratitude. See the good and acknowledge it!

3. Be present. Connect with your internal and external environment.

4. Accept yourself. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. We are human. Do not compare yourself to others. The best you can do is grow your strengths and try to improve on your weaknesses. Celebrate your steps and progress along the way.

5. Release judgement. Do not condemn yourself or others because you think you or they 'should' be better.

6. Let go. Give up control. You cannot control what other people do. You also cannot change the past. So, start from where YOU are in the present moment and offer the best YOU can to the world, to your practice, to the people around you, to yourself, to your coworkers, your kids, your students, your pets, etc.

7. Forgive. Forgiveness does not mean you condone, but it does allow you to release the toxic poison of anger from your system so you can heal.

8. Breathe. Find a spiritual practice that resonates with you. Connect with your highest self.


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