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The Power Of Self Talk

Thoughts are powerful! Studies show that those who think negatively have higher rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity-related conditions. Does this mean that negative thoughts cause these conditions? No, but it is widely known that our mental health impacts our physical health to a great extent.

So, how can we use positive self-talk to our advantage?

👉 Become Aware. Make notes of the thoughts you have without judgment. Write them down. Create a list. At the end of the day, read them over. Learn more about your thoughts. 💡

👉 Notice Patterns & Interrupt Them. If you recognize that you have a pattern of negative thoughts (self talk) then notice them and perhaps choose to implement the opposite approach. For example, food choices! Are you trying to lose weight? A negative thought would be “I can’t.” “It is too hard.” “I’ve tried so many times before.” “Nothing works. “

NOW, let’s try to interrupt that pattern of negative self-talk. Without self judgment say to yourself “I am enjoying the process of losing weight.” “I am discovering new and tasty foods.” “I am creating healthier and sustainable habits that will greatly benefit me for the long haul.” ⏯✋▶️

👉 Perspectives & Results. It is easy to focus on the mishaps. So, shift awareness into the what went right. For instance, what do you like about being healthy? What good feelings can you identify? What new foods did you find? Do not let one mishap cause a spiral of negativity. Remember your mindset and keep going! 👍

👉 What’s Your Mantra? You all know how I love my mantras! What’s your mantra???Here’s a few to get you started! “I Am Healthy”. “I Am Capable Of Anything.” “I Am Worthy.” “I Am Strong.” And above all... “I Can Do This!” 💪🏼

👉 Be kind to yourself 🌹


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