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The Purity Of Love

As we learn to forgive our past, release our future and do our best to show up for our present, we begin to identify the fearful thought patterns of our limited beliefs that are so deeply in need of faith and love.  

Love enables us to live in harmony. 

It is only when we fill-up on the Universe's love, that we can see with clarity, act with kindness, overcome our fears, release the scars of our past, renew our strength, and nourish our mind, body and soul with purpose.

But how does one experience such a powerful love?

Through forgiveness.

There is this little, tiny seed of limitless love found in the action of forgiveness.

Each time we forgive, our energy shifts into a state of love.  And with an open heart, we can align to our highest and greatest good.  

Sometimes the release of forgiveness can feel hard because we adapt to our illusion of balance.  We become accustomed to the feeling of anger and resentment.  Not to mention the rush of adrenaline that pumps through our system each time we think of past ties.  These emotions burrow into our mind, body and soul, creating a false impression of balance and harmony.  

It is only until we are forced to adjust our perspective that we realize just how much chaos and hurt we truly held onto.  

For many people forgiveness comes in waves.  It begins with a light touch like a wave of an ocean coming up to shore.  It prompts a subtle relaxation of release as it gently taps our toes and washes away.   

Then the Universe comes back stronger.  The wave rises higher onto the shore and begins to test our balance.  Here is when we may resist, hold firm, tighten our muscles, and hold our breath.  We wait to see how hard the wave is going to crash down around us.  We close our eyes and resist, consumed in our fear that we miss the message from the Universe to release more. 

So, to truly embrace the Universe, I invite you to sit comfortably and open you palms, allowing them to face upward. And with all the tension rising up from your lungs, slowly release your jaw and exhale all the way.  Your exhale may feel rigid as fear leaves your body, but just know that the Universe is pure and powerful.  It easily turns fear into love. 

To take this practice further, I encourage you to take five full breaths.  With each exhale allow your shoulders to relax and your muscles release.  If you like you can add the mantra "I forgive myself and others and release it all to the Universe so I can see love instead of fear."  

Let the Universe work for you. 

When you are done with your practice you can bring your palms to heart space and open your eyes.

The trials of life are unavoidable.  And although we may feel in control holding onto the past scars of anger or resentment, we fall out of alignment of what the Universe wants for us, which is nothing but pure love and kindness.


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