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Does Yoga Really Help With Grief?

As different as we may stand on a mat, we all unite as one in the sense that we all experience pain, grief and heartache. We are human. At some point in our lives, we all experience the pain of losing a loved one; we all experience some kind of event that can disrupt our lives; and we all face challenges that can interrupt our sense of normalcy.

The process of letting go is something that we all must move through at some point in our lives.

Yoga is powerful and can serve as a resourceful tool in times of grief. For many people, including myself, yoga provides space to embrace the good and the bad along with all those moments that may fall in-between. Yoga is a gentle way to allow space for emotions to flow freely through the mind and body. And, each time we experience this free flow, we are granted an opportunity to accept who we are in any given moment by learning how to use our breath to move beyond the pain we experience without fear or judgment holding us back.

The pain we feel when letting go reminds us that yoga isn’t about shaping our bodies into a molded image, but rather it's about being present in conscious self-awareness while making peace with our mind, body and soul.

Our ego will wonder how to let go the "best way" or the "quickest way". But our highest level of consciousness or higher being knows that in truth, there is no right or wrong way to let go. And our highest level of consciousness also knows that letting go doesn't come with a schedule.

I truly believe that when we learn how to capture our breath and regulate our thoughts and emotions, we all will feel the pain rise and give way to a love that empowers us to move forward and through this world with gratitude, unconditional love, and compassion.

One of our many lessons in grief is that we must learn, understand and implement the accessible tools and resources that work best for our unique system. So, whether you choose to move through grief using yoga or some other tool, I encourage you to cherish the moments where you feel whole because they truly are a gift. And each time we accept the gift of wholeness, love will naturally guide us to inner peace and calm.


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