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Overcoming The Detours of Fear

Under the great sky in solitude and silence with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face. - The Upanishads

All things in the universe come from love and with love all things shall return.  Love is the joy of the infinite, the Ananda of Brahman in yogic philosophy. 

Yoga is our inspiration, but it is our love that serves as our greatest teacher.  Every step we take in love is a step closer to our highest and truest path in life. 

Sometimes our path can feel narrow and confusing to navigate, but if we stand in stillness and quiet, we can find our way through the darkness.

In meditation we sit in stillness to move through limitations of the mind so the heart may feel love.  We rely upon ancient yogic text for guidance.  The Upanishads for instance are often viewed as the Himalayas of the soul.  Many times, yogis will turn page after page to find truth, love and faith.  And with this guidance one either holds space for knowledge or for action.  

Ancient yogic text reads:

"Into deep darkness falls those who follow action.  And into deeper darkness falls those who follow knowledge." 

Spiritual teachings often share that those who see themselves in all beings and all beings in oneself will shed all fear, dissolve the illusion and desire for truth and live in the fullest spirit of light and love.  This brings the understanding that the face of truth is the image we see in the mirror.  And those who know their image well will have the doors of love and light open for them time and time again.  And those who fear the image of self, will always long for truth in the pages of hidden meaning, knowledge and action.  

Ancient sages once said that in life the powers are space, air, fire, water, earth, voice, mind, ears, and eyes.  These powers are said to light the lamp of life and our existence shines through the essence of these powers and ties the heart of the soul. 

In Kundalini teaching there are one hundred and one subtle paths stemming from the heart. In all yoga teaching only one of these paths leads to the crown of the head for spiritual truth of self.

There are many detours in life.

And although many of these detours provide us with subtle lessons deemed necessary, it is important to understand that if fear is present, we will also find ourselves searching for the truth of our true self.    


May all beings walk on their true path with #love and light.


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