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Discover The 3 Powerful Modes Of Recovery

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

So often I'm asked about the difference in terms when it comes to victim and survivor. As popularity pushes the survivor term, it can often hold negative space for other perspectives. I recently found a great little synopsis that (I think) explains a few terms perfectly.

1. Victim - In this mindset, we hold space for our experience of pain closely. We're stuck, maybe at times trapped in a space of blame, shame or fear. And, we have a limited vision of what is possible, struggling with self-esteem. Many times, there are unconscious beliefs that tie us to our suffering.

2. Survivor - In this mindset, we have gone through the fire and have used (or are using) inner resources and skills to move beyond being a victim into being a survivor. We hold space for recovery. We identify with our strengths. We are growing and learning how to become more and more resilient. We still have struggles, and we can have unconscious beliefs that hold us back from fully trusting, from fully reaching for what we deserve or what we want, BUT, we are no longer caving at the same time.

3. Thriver - In this mindset, we are fearless growers expanding to new heights. We are not limited by brokenness. We accept ourselves as valuable and we're prosperous. We freely let go of the past, break barriers holding us back and successfully elevate.

The journey of recovery can feel long. And, quite often we may find ourselves moving in and out of various modes as we become more aware, more resilient and reach for greater opportunities. It's ok. Allow yourself to human. Listen to your inner wisdom and create a nest with powerful tools that can help you on your change journey.


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