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Online Trauma Informed Yoga

Yoga Teachers: Are You Looking To Help Trauma Survivors Unlock the Healing Power of Yoga?

Join YSO for a transformative journey into the gentle world of trauma-informed yoga.

yoga for emotional healing, empowerment and anxiety relief

This trauma informed training allows you to gain the knowledge and skills needed to create a safe and nurturing yoga practice for individuals who are experiencing or who have experienced trauma. 

What are the benefits of trauma informed yoga? 

Trauma-informed yoga is a gentle and effective approach to healing that acknowledges the impact of trauma on the body and mind.


By integrating yoga practices with trauma-sensitive techniques, individuals can experience profound benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Self-Regulation: Trauma-informed yoga helps individuals develop tools for self-regulation, empowering them to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.

  • Restoration of Safety and Trust: Through gentle movement and breathwork, trauma-informed yoga creates a safe space for individuals to reconnect with their bodies and rebuild a sense of trust within themselves.

  • Emotional Healing: The practice of trauma-informed yoga can support the release and processing of emotions, providing a pathway for emotional healing and resilience.

  • Empowerment and Agency: By honoring individual choices and boundaries, trauma-informed yoga empowers individuals to reclaim a sense of agency and control over their own healing journey.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Trauma-informed yoga fosters a deeper connection between the body and mind, promoting a sense of wholeness and integration.

If You Are You Looking To

  • Understand how trauma can affect your students, clients, or yourself on a physical and emotional level

  • Learn how to teach trauma informed yoga to youth or adult populations

  • Make a difference as a yoga teacher

  • Create impactful lesson plans

  • Explore how to successfully enhance feelings of calm and safety

  • Unite with other teachers and facilitators on the same path

  • Exercise self-care practices

  • Practice breathwork for connecting to the body with ease

  • Learn subtle grounding techniques and approaches

Then This Training Is For You!

Yoga Nidra
Christina Baggott
Secluded Fitness Studio


My name is Christina and I'll be your guide for this workshop.  I've been an active yoga teacher since 2009. I began my practice on my own recovery path and now I use my experience and knowledge to inspire others. I encourage mindful approaches that are gentle and known to enhance feelings of inner peace and happiness.  I'm a RYT500, E-200RYT, and YACEP, registered with the Yoga Alliance. I'm also a Meditation Coach, Life Coach, and Reiki Master.  My niche practice includes Trauma Informed, Chair Yoga, Yoga and The Neuroscience Connection, Yoga Nidra and Kids Yoga (ages 2-17). My highlighted yoga projects include teaching yoga for victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence (NYC), teaching yoga for senior refugees (Portland, ME) and assisting with the development of an after-school youth yoga program (Lewiston, ME).

YSO Credentialing
Online Training

In this training workshop we will cover trauma informed recovery topics including:

Types of Trauma

Trauma And The Nervous System

Trauma And The

Subtle Body

Asana Pose Modification Options For Recovery

The Polyvagal Theory

Trauma And Developmental


Sexual Trauma And The Pelvic Floor

Common Emotional and Behavioral Stress Responses

Mindful Teaching Considerations


Safe Spaces

Meditative Practices For Trauma Recovery

The Business Side of Yoga

Abstract Clouds

Plus you will gain access to

How Yoga Can Help Reduce School Violence Workshop ($29)

Yoga Class

How Yoga Can Help Reform Youth In The Criminal Justice System Workshop

Equality Banner

911 Yoga: Teaching Yoga to First Responders

Teaching First Responders Yoga
Child's Pose

Yoga Alliance Approved

  • Self-paced for Convenience

  • Online for Accessibility

  • Interactive with Ongoing Trainer Access for Personable Learning

  • Course Community

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • Downloadable Resources

Yoga on Deck


Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. You will truly be able to control your learning journey with our self-paced online program, where you will be able to access the content from anywhere, at a time that is convenient for you. This learning approach allows you to gain the knowledge and skills to safely teach yoga with a trauma informed mindset without worrying about taking time off from work, or spending time away from your family.

Yoga Alliance Credits

Earn continued education credits with the Yoga Alliance while learning incredible techniques and methodologies often used to help create safe and supportive environments for individuals who have experienced trauma. You will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the impact trauma can have on the brain, body, and psyche, while acquiring tools to effectively support and teach sensitive populations.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy the freedom to move at your own pace as you equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to create safe healing spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma with lifetime access to all course content and the supportive course community.

Impactful Resources

Empower yourself with incredible resouces. This training offers resources, valuable knowledge, 1:1 lead trainer support, impactful techniques, and ongoing support for a safe and healing yoga practice for all to enjoy. By participating in this online trauma-informed yoga teacher training, you will have access to all of these resources and gain the necessary skills to support and empower those in your circle impacted by trauma through the power of yoga.

It's Time To Help Students Reclaim Their Inner Peace And Feel Empowered


Liz E.

I felt the pull to complete Trauma Informed Yoga training as strongly, if not more, as I did for my Yoga Teacher Training.  This is another step in my own healing process as well as a way for me to give to others.  Thank you, Christina with YogaSoul.Online for putting together a wonderful training!

Amanda M.

I really enjoyed this class.  It was really great information and easy to follow.  I learned a lot and I can't wait to sign up for more.

Amber T.

Exceptional information with beautiful simplicity, I'm so excited to share my new wealth of information through trauma informed trauma class! Thank you thank you so very much!

Great news! If you're interested in joining our program but don't need Yoga Alliance credit or a certification upon completion, you can enroll with our non-credit option. We're excited to have you join us on this journey!

Join us and choose the plan that works best for you!

  • Online Trauma Informed Training Bundle

    Yoga Alliance Approved for CE Credit
    Valid for one month
    • One payment
    • 30non-contact hr - Sexual and Emotional Trauma Recovery $225
    • 20 non-contact hr - 911Yoga: Teaching First Responders $197
    • 1 non-contact hour - Yoga For Reducing School Violence $29
    • 1 non-contact hour - Yoga For Juvenile Justice Reform $29
    • Certificate of Completion for Each Training Course
    • Course Community $20
    • 1:1 Trainer Interaction
    • Lifetime Course Access
    • On-Demand Accessibility
  • Online Trauma Informed Training Bundle

    Every month
    3-mo payment plan
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Month Payment Plan
    • 30 non-contact hours - Sexual and Emotional Trauma Recovery
    • 20 non-contact hours - 911Yoga:Teaching First Responders
    • 1 non-contact hour - Yoga For Reducing School Violence
    • 1 non-contact hour - Yoga For Juvenile Justice Reform
    • Certificate of Completion for Each Course
    • Course Community
    • 1:1 Trainer Access
  • The YSO Guest Pass

    For anyone who wants to join but does not need a certification or continued education credits
    Valid for one month
    • 45% Discount
    • One Time Payment
    • Open To Public
    • Course Community Access
    • No Certification or YA Credit
    • Lifetime Access to Course Content and Community
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